Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Work: In Progress

This painting is in progress, 30" x 30" on linen...what started out as peaches transcended into apples...who knows where the road ahead will lead! I'm loving the rich, sensual colors. The three golden bars are part of an on-going series that are Jungian symbols for door hinges, a book opening to the metaphysical and more.

Update: August 2010 Well, this piece languished a while after I started it! It sat, and waited patiently...although I often have walked by it and loved the colors--so saturated and rich I could roll in them with abandon. The apple is GONE. I have painted over what was precious! Oh my! My intuition kept poking me about I finally did it. What will come next? do you like those apples?

Joni Mitchell, from Clouds

"...Something's lost
but something's gained in living every day."

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