Friday, December 25, 2009


The holiday season for me tends to bring reflection and pensiveness...gray days move slow: winter is a time to be in rest phase, as is nature. Bare branches struggle for light. Somehow we are reminded that spring WILL come, renewal blooms eternal in the wheel of the sky, the turn of the earth, the softening of the ground. For now, I rest, and think, and wonder. How often I am reminded that life is short and fleeting; that we must live in the now, in the moment. One thing I also am reminded of are all the people out there who believe in me. Whether you've bought my art, or appreciated it...or given me a kind word of encouragement or a box of supplies: I thank you, and am grateful and humble. When you see beyond the surface of my paintings, you see into my soul and heart: I hope you are taken to a higher plane, a step up the ladder of this existence. Art lives on, the energy turns and whirls into the breeze, into the light. Thank you. I wish all of you a happy New Year ahead, and that there will be change, a renewal, and light among us all.


  1. Merry Christmas, Bonnie! I wish you a happy New Year ahead also. I think that the holidays make me pensive, too. In the dead of winter, we hope there will be renewal, as you write. Your paintings do inspire that renewal.

  2. Thank you, Jack! Nature reminds us with the ancient rise and fall of the seasons, the turning of life...that life is continually changing. Renewal is found in those tender green leaves under the winter ice.

  3. What a renewal it was last night with the full moon, two in one month, and a New Year beginning.