Sunday, March 28, 2010

Esto Perpetua: The Landscape

Featured photo is of my "Esto Perpetua" series...I just got a RAPG grant to purchase materials for the series, which I began several years ago. This is exciting to me: my first grant endeavor! There's more within this blog about my thoughts about the sacredness of nature and the Esto Perpetua landscape series of paintings. Here is another Derek Walcott poem I found today, and enjoyed...hope you will too.

Derek Walcott: excerpt from "In The Village" from White Egrets.

...My veins bud, and I am so
full of poems, a wastebasket of black wire.
The notes outside are visible; sparrows will
line antennae like staves, the way springs were,
but the roofs are cold and the great grey river
where a liner glides, huge as a winter hill,
moves imperceptibly like the accumulating
years. I have no reason to forgive her
for what I brought on myself. I am past hating,
past the longing for Italy where blowing snow
absolves and whitens a kneeling mountain range
outside Milan. Through glass, I am waiting
for the sound of a bird to unhinge the beginning
of spring, but my hands, my work, feel strange
without the rusty music of my machine.


  1. Congratulations on your grant. This is a beautiful painting, I love the colors and mood created.