Monday, May 24, 2010

Esto Perpetua: Night Spaces

As a recipient of a grant from the Regional Artist Project Grant made through The Arts Council of Henderson County, I wish to thank all who made it possible for me to purchase art supplies to further the “Esto Perpetua” landscape series I have worked on for several years. I wish to return the help I've been given in a concrete, meaningful way. My project was funded, in part, by a Regional Artist Project Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council, administered by the Arts Council of Henderson County.

As of April 2010, I have chosen to donate a percentage of each “Esto Perpetua” painting's proceeds to Saluda Community Land Trust which is a tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to preserving my town's rural small town character by protecting its unique natural heritage. 90% of private donations to SCLT are dedicated to land and easement acquisition.

About the Esto Perpetua series: started several years ago, the paintings are based around the Latin phrase of 'esto perpetua' (it is forever) which is written within the painting, worked into many transparent layers for the viewer to find and ponder. These canvases, both large and small, are always one of a kind, and depict nature and the sacredness of our earth. No trace of mankind is ever found in these landscapes: only mystery and peacefulness, quiet beauty, a sense of timelessness and spirituality. My belief is that nature is omnipresent, precious, powerful, and sacred. This series has become my language, my message to a world that needs to hear it. While a quiet, contemplative message, I hope it comes across loud and clear.


  1. You are quite a woman, Bonnie. Generous. I'm glad to know about Esto Perpetua. The town is fortunate to have you as a patron.