Monday, May 3, 2010

Of Spring & Thought

I am spending delightful afternoons in my garden, watching everything living around me. As I grow older, I feel everything departing, and I love everything with more passion. ~ Emile Zola

It is true: how one feels the ticking of time...the shortening days of life...of all things departing, the impermanence, the immediate click of a moment. Living in the now. In spring, the impossible lush greens, the vibrant blooms, the high azure sky...the hum and whir of life all around: you feel it, you inhale it. It makes you dizzy with love for life. As for me, I want to simplify even more now. What matters to me? Not things. All I really want is to be able to create, to have my dog under my feet, to just live in the day: in the moment, to take this with me. To be honest, I care less and less for the 'real' world: that of incessant cell phones, the jarring blare of talking heads, of people who are insincere or out to use others, of cluttered roads, crowded malls, and over-developed space...I find my salvation in the songs of birds, sweep of breeze, ray of sun warm on my face, the dog's soft ears under my hand, of artistic spirits all over the world, of quiet thought and brush stroke whisper against the canvas. "Make art, live now" it says. As for me, I'm going back to the garden.


  1. Excellent quote and personal interpretation. Yes, the shortening of days, time is fleeting so enjoy and live in the now. How true. When younger, we put the shortening of time out of our mind--a natural thing, I guess. Now, here we are. Happy spring, Bonnie!

  2. Is that a rose from your garden?