Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Sculpture In Progress

"Heat lingers
As days are still long;
Early mornings are cool
While autumn is still young.
Dew on the lotus
Scatters pure perfume;
Wind on the bamboos
Gives off a gentle tinkling.
I am idle and lonely,
Lying down all day,
Sick and decayed;
No one asks for me;
Thin dusk before my gates,
Cassia blossoms inch deep."

~ Po Chu-i (772-864), Autumn Coolness

The turning of summer to fall brings pensive thought and a turning to working with hands: concrete, rusted barbed wire, mesh, clay, plaster cloth, paper mache, and more find their way into my fingers to evolve and transcend into something more. This new piece is built on metal armature with a concrete and burlap core...she's a dancer...a angel...I'm thinking of making a fired clay face to add, or may refine the face a little more with paper mache. However, the abstraction and 'rawness' of the piece match my painting style--I like her! She'll be going on a heavy square polished wood base, and will twirl in the stand if turned. Inspired by my friend Jan, who had extra armatures, concrete, and a great outside area to work, this piece has continued to change since day one.

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  1. Bonnie Joy: You have a new format for your blog! I really like it. Very cool color. Congrats!