Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moon Hare

This is my first "Moon Hare" painting...I recently completed a similiar commissioned piece; of course, no two paintings will ever be alike. However, I find the Moon Hare to be a spiritual creature, and will work on yet another. February is now here, and I find myself continuing to contemplate the 'road ahead'. Having just returned from a stay in Florida thanks to good friends, I had time to think about where I'm going. The main focus is MAKE ART, despite the economy, and what goes on around me. In order to bring in extra income, I've thought about doing workshops, teaching a class, or finding art patrons--if there is such a thing in America these days. It's a struggle for serious artists, every day. One thing I know is that I'm not alone. Art makes this world a better place; for those of us who make it, it's essential, as much as breathing. Please support us starving artists--there's so many of us out there: musicians, artists of all genres, writers. It's all part of the circle.

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  1. I do support you and other artists. I admire your courage to paint and paint freely. You make the world a better place, Bonnie Joy.