Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring, Cupcake Outfits, Art Thoughts

Did that headline above get your attention? Spring is coming, so on Monday, I dressed up like a cupcake. Full of hope and pink color, eager to be rid of the winter grays and blacks for a while! Perhaps I'm pushing it, but I am living for longer sunlit days that are warm enough to allow me to work with clay and paint outside, with blue skies and birds singing. Maybe a little Bob Marley on the tunes...or something going in the CD player! It's time to think about doing open studio on Saturdays again; if you're interested, call ahead for an appointment. I'll be working steadily on work for an upcoming "Crow" art show at the Upstairs Artspace; opening in April. And tomorrow, I'll deliver two pieces: one sculpture, one oil painting to the Tryon Fine Arts Center for Tryon Painters & Sculptors member show which will open this Sunday with a reception from 5 to 7. Come on by if you're in the WNC's always a good show, and fun to see what other artists are up to.