Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Sculpture

Meet "Rotator"...a crow with barbed wire wings/feet; fired clay body. Nest has nutmeg 'eggs'. This piece will be in "Something To Crow About" at the Upstairs Artspace's next exhibit that opens April 15. I'll have crow paintings too. This is a piece I've worked on over the weekend, carefully handling the rusty barbed wire with gloves. Have a little more finish work to do on the piece, but it's close to finished! The great thing about this sculpture is: the clay was GIVEN to me. The barbed wire was GIVEN to me. The nutmeg eggs in the nest came from an exotic island: GIVEN to me. People are so good to me!!! Thank you, generous spirits out there: to those of you who buy my art, to those of you who believe in me and give me materials. THANK YOU.

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