Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Sculpture: The Goddess Fragment Series

From my new goddess fragment series, this piece is finished as of today. Mounted on steel rod in spalted-wood maple base, the clay figure is finished with multiple layers of acrylic washes, then paste wax. Rusted wire detail on back. Next goal is to build these larger, as I teach myself more. One thing that I will work on is making copies of pieces: my first attempt with a silicone mold support technique failed...the mold process is extremely complicated for my simple mind! There must be an easier way. Like life, it's often a rocky road. Learning, failing, and trying again is all part of the journey. To make self feel better, I did smash the failed experiment with a hammer--after I'd spent untold time chiseling it off the silicone encasing the original sculpture beneath!

**This piece won First Place, Tryon Painters & Sculptors Member Show, Peoples' Choice, Sculpture Category. Thanks to all who voted for her!


  1. Poor little wing. I like this one, too, but not as much as the previous with the face and barbed wire. It might be interesting to see that one in color, though I have the feeling I'll prefer the black and white.

  2. Hi Crosby! This one actually has TWO wings...the frontal photo is a bit deceptive. Blame the photographer: ME! Don't worry, more barbed wire wings are coming...keep on writing! : ) B.