Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Work: The Landscape

Hints of fall color blue-sky August afternoons; mornings grow a little cooler, a welcome respite after the merciless heat of summer. I've been moving things around after the Open Studio tour, trying to get back to 'normal' (if such a thing can exist!). The dining room has been undergoing some transitions, too: curtains pulled down, sculptures rearranged, and a gas stove added for those frozen days of winter ahead. While pulling curtains down, I found Jungian symbolism in letting more light in, a clearer view. Changes.


  1. Beautiful painting, Bonnie, I love it. This picture reminded me of another artist that I love, J.M.W. Turner.
    Thank you and best regards,

  2. Thanks, Jamil! Always, always LOVE Turner...the mystery and layers. xoxoxox B.

  3. Totally Enchanting! Makes me want to step right into this magical location....Liz F.