Monday, October 3, 2011

The Landscape: New Work

'Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.' ~ Maya Angelou

More leaves tinged with scarlet, gold, russet hues brush softly through the fall grass; the sky today is impossibly blue...colder weather brings a melancholy, a time of remembering to the heart, as it does every year--the changing of all things is constant. Seasons have their time, as do we. This painting is in progress: a gold gesso ground, with layers of oil paint and Gamblin cold wax. Those falling leaves whisper secrets of the road ahead--a underlying desire to pack up and head to parts unknown, to be a gypsy spirit. Yet, as an artist friend of mine reminds me: it's always good to have a place to hang your hat. And your paint brush!

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