Monday, January 23, 2012

New Sculpture: Goddess Fragment Series

“The only journey is the one within.” ~ Rilke

The long road of winter led me away from home, hundreds of miles away to warm Florida sunshine and tropical breezes. As ever, I continue to choose the rockier paths, the road divided, and it does make all the difference, to paraphrase Robert Frost! I've turned in notice to the gallery day job, made other changes: and sat at a sidewalk cafe downtown Sarasota, leaves fluttering in sunlight over head, and felt free, open, and that it will all be alright in the grand scheme. Two art shows are coming up, so I've come back to get work ready for those. It dawned on me, during the time I was away, that paintings and sculpture I've been making have become solely an extension of myself: simple and true, a statement. Life is short: make art. Follow your dream; don't be afraid. Spin the wheel, walk into the day.

Art shows opening in February 2012 are: Theatre Art Galleries, High Point NC featuring seven Saluda artists, including me. Also, Skyuka Fine Art in Tryon NC will feature ten Saluda artists as well.

This sculpture is part of the "Goddess Fragment Series" and is fired clay, concrete, barbed wire, mixed finishes mounted on rebar/black walnut base. Collection of Joyce Fox, Sarasota, Florida.

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