Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Landscape

This is a commissioned oil painting that has gone to its new home in Charlotte, NC. Last Christmas, the client had spotted a smaller painting that appealed to him and asked if I'd do a piece for him...with warm golden colors. Otherwise, he had no huge demands, and didn't hover. Of course, during the process, I kept him updated: and was grateful and happy to be allowed to do my thing! I love it when people trust me: and let the flow happen. It's a matter of trust on both sides, I think. Besides, I love knowing the people who have my work--while sometimes I never know, there is a connection and an appreciation of when I do meet them or know something about them, and vice versa. A personal feel, perhaps. Art brings us together!

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  1. Hi Bonnie: I have you an award on my blog, like last year. Check it out. Also, congrats on showing in Santa Fe. I like your sculpture that I focused on my Award page. Seems I like your art? Yes, I say, yes.