Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Work: Sculpture In Progress

“She followed slowly, taking a long time,
As though there were some obstacles in the way;
And yet: as though, once it was overcome,
She would be beyond all walking, and would fly."
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Spring runs through veins of life, blue skies overhead, chartreuse grass spangled with violets. Vivid azaleas flare color wheels while butterflies and bees flit in the breeze. Life goes on. Here, every day I work on new art: a lot of sculpture lately, as well as painting. Open studio tour will be early this year: and I have only a million things to do. I'm hopeful it will be a success. Lately, it's been a tough few weeks, literally a few tough years, but my decision to make art full-time has remained resolute and unbroken. I keep thinking about Icarus of Greek myth: daring to fly--too close to the sun. I have dared to fly: or thought I could. Hope lives deep in an artist's heart--for we don't do it for the love of money, fame or fortune: not the true artists. We do it for our soul, to speak truths. It's not an easy path, and I wouldn't choose another.

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