Monday, September 24, 2012

Landscapes & Dreams: Art is Life

“...into paying more attention to the world’s day-moon, to sunlight bright on water or fragmented in a grove of trees, and to look more closely here at these small leaves, these sentinel thorns, whose employment it is to guard the rose.” ~ excerpt from “The First Night by Billy Collins September keeps trickling by, a slowing of time: yet a hastening of days. Sunny afternoons seem more precious now: a recent one found me out on the back deck, art projects waiting, River dog happily soaking up sun, laundry drying. Yet, I sat there and watched the high blue concerta of life above, wispy white puffs floating lazily. There wasn't a thing I wanted to do more than inhale those tenderest of moments, to watch those drifting clouds and think about life. In the next week, I'll have a painting on display at the Spartanburg Art Museum in the Artists' Guild Juried show, a large sculpture at Tryon Painters & Sculptors' juried exhibit. Soon, I'm shipping new work including this painting to Patricia Carlisle Fine Art in Santa Fe. I keep thinking about loading the car up with paintings, along with the dog in the front seat, and taking a road trip to New Mexico. This time of year, the drying chili peppers, sunset mesas, blazing cottonwood gold, scarlet apple tree leaves floating down over the Plaza in Taos all call my heart.

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