Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sculpture: New Work

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." ~ Aristotle ....This is a new sculpture in the works: from my "Fragment" series. This piece, a male torso, is kiln fired terra-cotta, milk paint and rusted found objects mounted on steel rod and spalted maple pedestal. I took a hammer to him then put pieces back together with Bondo, an automotive filler. Such is life: we reinvent ourselves along the way: wired, fragmented, and yet knit together in new ways. For me, painting and sculpture are metaphors for life itself, and I symbolically knit myself back together time and time again, as the art is knit back together. Add, take away, add, change, evolve. I've since added a distressed plaster wash over the existing finish: this photo shows the latest variation. It's fun to experiment, learn, and enjoy the ride. If I don't like the results, hammer time again.

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