Monday, August 5, 2013

Waterfalls: New Painting

This is a painting of famous "Pearson's Falls" from a spring visit I made one chilly morning as wildflowers were beginning to bloom in the quiet glen. Blue sky overhead, there was such a sense of peace and beauty there. Area artists were asked to create an artwork featuring Pearson's Falls for a fundraiser event which will end August 10 at the Tryon Fine Art Center with a silent auction. I worked on this painting on and off for a long time, it evolved slowly into what you see now. Like the seasons, we do evolve and renew.

If you like a particular painting of mine, I will gladly work on one for you on commission! Over the years, I've done commissions for people who like my style of painting and just let me do my thing. Those are the best: I have artistic freedom and will work gladly with your favorite colors. The best of both worlds--win win!

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