Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Work: Spring Paintings

The painting life continues around here: I prefer to do most of my sculpture and painting outside. Today, wisteria drips in sensual green rivers from the old porch eaves, sweet garden roses and peonies bend, pink petals kissing sunlight. Bees hum, hummingbirds visit, River dog snoozes happily in the warm sun, sprawled on porch steps close by. The fish pond trickles quietly over moss and stone, shaded by a Japanese maple. I finish a large landscape of mountains and water, then work on smaller pieces for the June open studio tour in a month. Next, I cut a painting off a stretcher, with the intent of making it smaller: it's a great piece...one of my goddess series. My hands itch to be working on new sculptures, the wheels are continually turning on ideas for future pieces. This painting is almost finished, I think: I love the delicious rich color, the seeming simplicity. Life goes on under the blue sky.

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