Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bringing Meaning to Life: Art

"That, perhaps, is the true gift of genius — to bring something meaningful to life despite how meaningless one’s own life may seem; to give some warmth to the world despite what the world may have coldly taken away."
~ Charles Schulz

Quote for the day, week, year, life. I'm no genius but always long to bring something meaningful to life, to give some warmth to the world. Having grown up with "Peanuts" and Charlie Brown, I appreciate Charles Schulz's gifts to us in the world. It was OK to be the weird kid, to walk a different path, to hear a different drummer. Artists do that, you know--walk a different path. We give to the world our music, dance, films, paintings, sculpture, literature, poetry and so much more. Every day, the evening news gets harder and harder to bear: yet art makes this life bearable. It's uplifting. One of the first things to go in school cut-backs, the arts need to be on the top of the list to stay. Just as important as any sport, the arts reaffirm, make us grow, inspire. I bet Charlie Brown's an artist at heart.

Painting from the Haloed Bird series, (detail) Bonnie Joy Bardos, sold

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  1. So true Bonnie. When I was young, my parents would not allow me to go on school sponsored field trips. (The waivers unnerved them and they erred on the side of caution.) Anyway, I still had to go to school and sit in the library all day. I didn't care because the librarian let me look at all the art books. I loved it and counted myself fortunate. I don't have many gifts, but I have one very important one and that is the gift of appreciation. Artists of all walks have enriched the life of this girl who grew up very poor. Thank you for what you do Bonnie. It's invaluable.