Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life & Art

Fall days grow shorter, as blue shadows grow longer in the evenings; mornings get here later...crisp. Around the Art House, I've moved most of my porch plants back inside, as well as closing down the 'front porch' studio. I've set up a table on the back deck to catch warmer afternoons while they're here. Just picture me sinking fingernails in the skirt of summer, begging her to come back, come back! Cold and dark don't sit well around here.

Despite dead furnace, house stuff, plumbing, dog, etc. I've been working on a sculpture piece and painting, after the annual open studio tour--which takes a while to recover from! Honestly, if I went a week without working, and art IS working, I don't know what I'd do. The sculpture is outside on the back deck, where I drill, pound, and fit pieces to the puzzle of what it will be. Not even I know. That's the beauty of just going with the flow in life, you don't know the answers. Usually they're right there the whole time. The truth is, I'm just grateful these days...old house, old truck, and all. How lucky I am that so many people believe in me, and that I believe in me too. If I stumble and fall, someone is there to help me up. That's what we need the most, to remember that we are all walking each other home (to quote Ram Dass).

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