Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Look At The Life Of An Artist

A mind that has no walls, that is not burdened with its own acquisitions, accumulations, with its own knowledge, a mind that lives timelessly, insecurely - to such a mind, life is an extraordinary thing. Such a mind is life itself, because life has no resting place. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

What else would I rather do, than go out on a sun-filled morning, the hydrangeas blooming rampant and blue, a ballerina-pink swing...rocking chairs....large ferns dripping green fronds.... the dog basking in the day. Butterflies, gold fish, hummingbirds nearby. The pond frog. The cat perched on the rail, pink collar. A painting on the wood easel, and others lined up. Messy oil paints, tubes crinkled, a rough drawing crumpled up on the blue metal table. Prisms sparkle. My soul fills up. The paint gets on clothes, hands, sometimes hair or face. Often the porch floor. This is my life. Nothing fancy. Mostly simple. I'm at it day in, day out.

“The poet lights the light and fades away. But the light goes on and on.”
~ Emily Dickinson

Over and over, I choose to continue making art with the little time I have left on this planet. I work on sculptures that probably will never sell, but that's what artists DO. They commit their being to making work: whether it sells or not. However, there comes a time when they have to give up on certain things in order to keep making their work, to lose this, to lose that. I've listed my house on Zillow. Boy, that was hard...but...we do what we gotta do. Maybe things will get better, maybe not. But we have to choose, and pick the things that feed our souls most, and artists do that: they stay true to self, to soul. It shouldn't be such a struggle, but it is. The world goes on, and the world will always need artists, whether it knows it or not. In the scheme of things: money, material things and greed are not what matters to this world. Art and truth stand firm, the North Star, fixed. There, that simple beautiful fact that leads me on down this rocky path.

So, what can you do to support the arts? The artists? Treasure art. Look at it. Appreciate it. Buy it when you can. As for me, I'd be grateful for a donation. Or to sell a painting. Or sculpture. Anything helps. I'm not alone out keep us creative types in your thoughts and in your life. We need you, you need us. Now, that is what it's all about. If you click the ads on this blog, I get a pittance. Hey, I'm not the next year, maybe it'll earn $100, then I'll receive a payment from the G-place! Lucky me! I'll take it. Every bit counts!

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