Monday, June 10, 2019

The Month of June & Butterflies

“Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”  ~ Pablo Neruda

Here it is the month of June, and I wonder where o where this year has fleeted to already. I've been remiss on blog posts, that's for certain. The older one gets, the faster time flies. When I was 8, time never went fast enough! It remains the most precious gift we have, if we only stop and think about it. For an artist, time often melds into 'no time', a timelessness to the day, a zone where hours don't count, only the act of creation. Sometimes I've been working on a project, and almost shake myself awake from that 'zone'...coming back to this world from the other.

The front porch swing and wicker chairs filled with deliciously fat comfy cushions are favorite spots to sip morning coffee, even on rainy days. The past week has been soaking wet, so it's hard to get in painting mode when rain lashes windows, pours from gutters, and all is dark. Summer's like that.

I stick my nose in a book every afternoon: "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer made delving deep into the soul and thought on order. Then Elizabeth Berg's book on George Sand's life is halfway read. Reading and art hold hands in this life: those feed our spirits. Wicker chairs, dogs, books--and sometimes a really good doughnut make things brighten. Rain or not.

The old Subaru beater came home finally after months of not running. The realtor's 'for sale' sign still is planted out front of the house. Roses and daylilies bloom in the garden. The graceful pond fish love the rain: dancing up to the surface, bright orange ribbons unfurling from shadowed green. Pink lemonade honeysuckle twines over porch rains and hydrangeas. Cicadas sing. Changes always come. I just observe it all: grateful to have a pink porch swing, clean cotton sheets, River Dog, a cup of coffee and a lot of paint. 

 These photos are from a workshop I gave at Upstairs Artspace: to encourage
women to paint, make art, and have FUN without copying a painting. Everyone did their own thing and had a ball! The flowers and bright things came from my place, as encouragement to MAKE ART!

(When you buy art from a living artist, you keep that artist living and surviving! Another thing that helps raise those much-needed pennies is to click those pesky ads on this blog--every few cents adds up over time. Thank you!) 

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