Friday, June 1, 2012

Open Studio Sundays

Verdant green lush June brings frog songs from the back pond: I've named my pond frog "Puck". All day, and most of the night, Puck has something to say: Puck. Puck! No matter the time Puck inserts his loud "Puck!" remarks, I find myself smiling over that silly frog's vocal appreciation of his kingdom; just glad to know he is there. June also brings open studio Sundays: I'll hang the "Open Studio" palette sign out and be glad to see you if you happen by: sit a spell in the front porch rockers if you like, and feel time slow down, watch the hummingbirds flit, the blue hydrangeas in bloom. Saluda restaurants will be open during summer season, so the culinary offerings are delightful down on Main Street. This month, art sale proceeds are geared toward adoption fee and expenses for a Shar-Pei rescue puppy. The little guy just had an eye removed (sad story) and I'm working hard on adopting him from the Shar-Pei rescue organization in Virginia. Stop by my house/studio in North Carolina, or visit the galleries I have work at. Thank you! Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you... ~ David Whyte

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