Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Paintings

This is a new painting from the "Haloed Bird" series--it's still in progress, but I love the jeweled rich sensual textures, the depth. It'll continue to change a bit more! With summer here, it seems like a good time to thank YOU for reading my blog: I've been doing this several years, and if you scroll through the postings, you'll take a time journey. As an artist living in a small historic town in the mountains of Western North Carolina (Asheville's right up the road)...I find beauty all around. This was the year that I committed to make art (painting, sculpture, and no telling what else along with my newspaper column writing) despite the odds. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do! So, we'll see what happens on the road ahead--a day job may have to happen: even starving artists love to eat. Soon, I'll have a new rescue puppy to feed and help me paint! Anyway, wherever you are in this world...enjoy art, buy art, love art. We in the arts thank you.

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