Thursday, July 5, 2012

Esto Perpetua: The Landscape

July brings intensely hot weather to the mountains, and even hotter temperatures at lower elevations. Life slows a bit, although I take advantage of the heat to leaf through painting books, novels, and slow down a bit myself. Underfoot, the new puppy sleeps. My heart is full, in love. Rescue dogs rescue us, every time. A bouquet of fragrant lilies perfume the air; I found them just marked down from way-too-much to the take-me-home price of .99. All they needed was fresh water, stems trimmed, and an elegant crystal vase. Even the smallest things bring pleasure in this world. A puppy snoring, and lily sweetness. These aren't going to last forever, but live on in the heart. This landscape is one that recently sold out in Santa Fe at Patricia Carlisle Fine Art on Canyon Road. I hope it's in someone's home, bringing pleasure to another heart.

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