Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creating A New Painting: Songs of the Earth (a beginning)

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~ Rumi

Yesterday a friend asked me how I can do the 'same thing' every day. Puzzled, I explained that (to me) it's never the same, always different...and I get so excited over working on ART. I really love wearing old painting clothes, hanging with River dog, throwing paint, weaving words, or hammering sculpture: creating something: I'm happy to be here in my old house/studio working away on the back deck or front porch, painting away: not trapped in a tiny cubicle or punching a time clock. There truly is a river of joy in my soul: no matter the odds, no matter how hard it is to make ends meet.

For example, here's a brand-new painting in progress: (this is the first layer, the birth, the beginning stages) which will be in the "Songs of the Earth"'s my largest "Songs" 48" x 72". Yes, my behavior is escalating. This is only the beginning: shown outside on the front porch studio. River dog's nearby supervising, listening to the fish pond trickle. In the painting, summer starts to bloom: Queen Anne's lace, seed pods, ferns, corals, yellow-golds, pink honeysuckle twining, cat tails rise, a lotus...of course, there's always my love of Jungian symbolism floating in those details.

It came to my mind as I was out there flinging paint, that maybe, just maybe I should work up a Kickstarter fund for this series, so I can work freely on them without worrying so much about marketing or materials, starvation or deprivation, which although I'm used to, can hamper an artist. Hmmmm...after all, these began with a song. An idea. A magic moment out in nature, listening. Tuning in to that hum of life, that metaphysical force. Feeling the river flowing in my soul. Thanks for listening to my on-going love of art, the making of art. We're all part of the circles...which are in the painting, I might add. More to come....

Songs To The Earth painting (48" x 72") in progress, Bonnie Joy Bardos


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I think you are a very lucky person that enjoyed what you are doing.
    Arts always amaze me. You do not what it be but there always a beauty to it.
    Good work. Rahim Maarof

  2. Thank you, Rahim! Art amazes me too, like life itself. ~ Bonnie