Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Starts A Series of Paintings: Thoughts, Music, Nature...

This painting is one of a series I started last year: after finishing one, another appeared, and another...by the second round I knew this would be a series, indeed. That's how it happens: one thing leads to another and I just follow. To start, the first one evolved from a large painting constructed of two big canvases, attached together permanently, the largest one 5' x 7'. As any artist can tell you, nothing is ever finished, even when it is. So, one day, I took the big piece down from the wall, took a box cutter and cut. I completely demolished the back painting, although I kept the stretcher and pieces of the canvas for future work. “Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting. Cezanne did it, Picasso did it with Cubism. Then Pollock did it. He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. Then there could be new paintings again.” ~ Willem De Kooning The other canvas was taken outdoors and treated with gesso in some areas, paints, and completely underwent a major renovation, a rebirth. An artist friend had given me a CD called "Praises To the World"...the music flowed through me in color, in blue sky, blooming poppies, pink honeysuckle, mountain ferns: all things of spring and summer around, a halo, a state of grace. By that time, I was so enchanted with the idea of paintings, songs to the earth, of praise of all the life surrounding my place in the world, the thought of making a new series seemed right. And so it was. Here's my second painting from "Songs To The Earth" (30" x 60")...full of the world I see and feel, full of praise and life, a homage to Nature, her beauty and much symbolism floating in cattails, lotus, honeysuckle, seed pods, ferns, water, air... Currently, this painting is on display at Upstairs Artspace, part of the proceeds will benefit the Upstairs, a non-profit arts organization that promotes contemporary art in a beautiful space.
As of this afternoon, I've started another song painting, this one is 48" x 72". Flinging paint, mixing color, it becomes a part of the song. Earlier, someone was here and asked me how can I do the 'same thing every day'. Naturally, puzzled me had to correct that notion! How can I not make art? How can I be confined to a cubicle, an office I asked her. Some are happy in that. I may not leave the house/studio for days, but I'm filled with life energy, eager to begin, to paint, to sculpt or write. It fills me up, overflows.To an artist, every day is different. There are new paths, new colors, new notes in the song: whether we're singing it, writing it, painting it. (sold)

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