Friday, January 13, 2023

France: An Artist's Dream


Once again, I've been slow at posting...winter makes me feel like I'm just swimming in molasses. Preferably warm molasses, not cold. The more I want to get something done, the longer it takes! 

Today's promise of snow on the wind led me to pull up a few pictures of last fall's trip to France, which my friend Donna made possible. It was everything and more than I could have dreamed! 

I'd live there in a heartbeat. The way the French live, eat, drink, and enjoy the day...ahhhhh. 

 Since returning home, although France did its best to keep me, and I agreed, I have painted the memory of looking out over Provence toward Italy; worked steadily on a memoir of the trip and all that happened to and fro, the nightmare travel mishaps with the deliciousness sandwiched in between! Definitely sticking a few travel tips in there as I type away. 

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