Wednesday, March 23, 2022



Spring, grateful I am to see one more unfurling of tender green, pink blossoms, blue wing. These days, that's something not taken for granted. Above, I've put two of my newest paintings (of spring, what else?!) just finished. There's a piece of art glass that inspires me, and a small photo of one painting in progress in the kitchen area. I managed to knock off the sugar bowl along with a few other things as I struggled to find space to paint. 

There are days I miss my old house with all the room inside and out to fling paint and work! However, life teaches us to either cope and do the best we can until something else happens, or just give up.

A weekend of snow showers and bitter cold didn't stop me, perhaps slowed me down a bit, but the promise of spring kept the paint brushes going. In making work, there's hope and salvation...even in the most difficult of times. 

I've been outside working on garden projects, even with a for sale sign on the current place I live. Nothing is for certain, that's the one thing that IS for certain. grounding self with life-long things that bring balm to the soul (art, writing, reading, gardening, thinking, friends, cooking, etc.) there is solace found amid the chaos.



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